Tree Triad – Healdsburg CA – 2016

Sculpture of Relationship - CHAR Warnecke Ranch CA - copyright 2015 Marie S.A. Sorensen - 2015-12-22 - DSC02982a*

Marie S.A. Sorensen was Artist-in-Residence at Chalk Hill Artist Residency (CHAR) in December 2015 and January 2016. Her project, ‘Sculpture of Relationship,’ was an artistic formal exploration of shapes responding to the work of architect John Carl Warnecke and the landscape and material environment of Warnecke’s Sonoma County ranch. Marie worked with Warnecke’s primary archival materials and conducted oral histories with members of the Warnecke family to create a series of works that respond to the family’s architectural legacy and to their relationship to the Healdsburg, California landscape where they have resided for generations. The sculptures are hand and body-sized works and are meant to propose building forms for hypothetical structures to be sited at the ranch. Sculptures, photographs and drawings produced during the residency explore concepts of ‘relationship’ including present to past and future, parent to child, sheltering and cradling, and signification of lost experience.

Copyright © 2016 Marie S.A. Sorensen, All Rights Reserved. From the series ‘Sculpture of Relationship.’ This work has been supported in part by Chalk Hill Artist Residency, Healdsburg, CA, a non-profit organization.